Security considers the security of our daters and the privacy of our users’ data extremely important. While it is impossible to predict the full range of future cyber threats against our systems, we regularly assess and work to improve our security in an effort to enhance the safety of our user community.

Security Practices employs physical, procedural, and electronic controls in connection with the protection of our systems and user data from unauthorized access. If you visit our website and it’s not displaying a secure lock don’t use the website. We do regular systems and applications reviewed for potential issues by our website master and internal security team.

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities welcomes input from our clients and user community to advance the cause of improving the security of our applications and user data.  To that end, we encourage our members to disclose any potential vulnerabilities seen on our website by submitting to our contact form. 

Reports received through this channel will receive a prompt reply, and if you do not receive such a response, we ask that you please attempt to contact us again.  To protect our users, we also request that you please refrain from sharing information about any potential vulnerabilities with anyone outside of, until we have confirmed with you that any such vulnerability has been properly mitigated. Additionally, it is important to NOT give anyone your profile login credentials; this action might compromise your account and maybe our website.’s we don’t use a bug bounty program on our website.  Our website is not open to allowing researchers to access our client database.